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Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica


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Sierpe is the door to Térraba-Sierpe National Wetlands and Latin America’s biggest reserve of mangroves. Some of the largest mangroves in the world grow here. Their jumble of exposed roots hold the tree trunks above the water with the outgoing tides, giving the impression of trees on stilts.

The wetlands sit at the juncture of the Térraba and Sierpe rivers and is home to an astonishing selection of birds, reptiles and animals. A boat tour gives you the chance to see monkeys, alligators and their cousin, the caiman. Birds abound here, so keep your binoculars at the ready; you don’t want to miss the multi-colored kingfisher. Watch for herons too, as they wait patiently to snag a fish among the mangrove roots.

Sierpe River Boat Docks

The boat docks in Sierpe are the lauching point for the daily taxi boats to Drake Bay and its surrounding lodges. The boats leave at 11:30am and 3:30pm every day. You do not need a reservation prior to arrival.



The best River and Mangrove Tour can be booked with La Perla del Sur.

The Térraba-Sierpe mangrove is one of the largest wetlands in Central America and the largest wetland of Costa Rica. It has 32,000 hectares and is highly diverse in terms of biodiversity, because it has six families of mangle.

While you know the mangrove ecosystem, its importance and benefits, in this journey, we will be able to observe some 40 different types of birds, mangrove boa snakes, cat's eyes and corals, titi monkeys or white face monkeys, caimans, crocodiles, and Jesus Christ lizards, among other species.

This mangrove is one of the largest sites of archaeological interest of the country, inhabited by indigenous people 300 years BC. This is also where the stone carved spheres are found, declared by the UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage.

Duration: 3 hours or more

Includes: bilingual tourist guide, beverages and fruits. You can choose between boat or Kayak.

Recommendations: bring insects repellent, drinking water and sun block lotion.

Map of the Osa Peninsula: