Matapalo is a small, laid-back beach town located at the tip of the Osa Peninsula, filled with small cabinas and bungalows that prompts guests to enjoy an all-encompassing experience with nature. This community is dedicated to eco-friendly habits, and the majority of lodges here depend on solar energy. Matapalo has actually earned the Blue Ecological Flag for its dedication to conservation and preserving the surrounding environment - it's the perfect place to visit without leaving a carbon footprint behind. Matapalo is a great place to lay back, crack open a book and let worries float away in the wind. There are few options for dining and entertainment, but there's no need to find recreation anywhere but outdoors, anyway. The weather is almost always warm and humid, so almost anytime you plan on traveling here will be ideal for a beachside adventure.

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Experienced surfers may want to make a trip to Playa Pan Dulce where world-class surf breaks are a regular feature. However, surfers must be aware of the dangerous rocks lining the bottom of the water. Backwash sits next to Pan Dulce, and features a slow right at low tide that breaks over a reef in the middle of the bay. Travelers looking for a place to swim may want to travel to Playa Carbonera, known for its little pools formed during low tide. Matapalo beach is one of the most secluded shorelines in the entire country, and is the southernmost of all the beaches here. This quiet shoreline is a perfect location for anyone looking to escape dense tourism.

This world-class setting has three excellent point breaks that surfers love, especially the locals. Matapalo is at the very tip of the Osa Peninsula, so extreme water sports enthusiasts will love this beach. Although the breaks at Matapalo are known to be fairly inconsistent, because the beach faces the ocean, they are still quite large. The best conditions are at mid tide with a west/southwest swell. During ideal conditions at Pan Dulce, a large swell from the south at mid tide, it's not uncommon to find up to 500-yard tube rides with several fast sections. At Backwash, the surf is best for longboarding as the steep beach lends to some steep sections. The best conditions here are from mid- to low-tide with a south/southwest swell. This beach is a little finicky, but when it's in its prime, it's one of the best spots in the region.

King Louis Waterfall


Towering nearly 100 feet high into the air, the stunning King Louis Waterfall is one of Matapalo's natural centerpieces. Hiking to this attraction allows for an intimate one-on-one experience with the area's wildlife. Tree climbing and waterfall rappelling are very popular in at King Louis.

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Map of the Osa Peninsula:

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