Natural Insect Repellent Recipe

If you've spent any time on the coast of Costa Rica, you've probably experienced the annoying bites of sand fleas and mosquitoes. Luckily, we have an all natural remedy to keep the pests away without exposing yourself and the environment to harmful chemicals.

Sand fleas can be relentless on the west coast beaches of Costa Rica, and no one likes to go to the beach and come out looking and feeling like you have chicken pox. But instead of reaching for the DEET, there is a more effective way of keeping these tiny creatures at bay that doesn't include harmful chemicals. Coconut oil is king when it comes to protection from sand fleas and many essential oils are very effective in deterring mosquitoes. This recipe is the ultimate secret to keep your skin clear of bites while visiting Costa Rica, and the antibacterial properties in the essential oils will also protect you from staph and skin infections.


1/2 cup coconut oil

12 drops citronella oil

8 drops tee tree oil

6 drops eucalyptus oil

6 drops peppermint oil

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