Pavones is best known by surfers as it is home to the second longest left break behind Chicama, Peru. Pavones surfing is world-class, but it isn't constant. When the south by southwest swell comes in, the surf here is fast, intense and the ride can last up to 2 minutes. The waves here are only recommended for experienced surfers, which are always here in droves. Despite the popularity of the location, a respectful mentality definitely exists in the line up, with almost everyone following the order that they arrived. The break here is close to shore, and the bottom is rocky, so be sure to watch yourself if you wipe out early. The best time to travel to Pavones for surfing is during the rainy season, which lasts from April to November. However, this is the most challenging time to reach the area due to the roads and high rivers.

surfing pavones with samuel amaya, leo ramsey, and peter noeldechen

Local surfers, Samuel Amaya, Leo Ramsey, & Peter Noeldechen

Map of the Osa Peninsula:

map of the osa peninsula.jpg