The Ultimate Costa Rica Packing List

Headlamp and/or Flashlight
Remember to bring your light for night hikes, sunset adventures and walking around at night. We recommend these flashlights for wildlife spotting. The are high lumen and rechargeable. There is a budget option and an expensive option for those who are serious about nigh time wildlife spotting.


We strongly recommend backpack-style luggage. Suitcases with wheels are very difficult to maneuver on dirt roads and boats are all wet landings. You should also bring dry bags or ziplock bags for any electronics, to combat the humidity and ocean water on boat tours. Here are a few recommendations for dry bags based on the activities you are planning and your budget:

Budget day pack for hiking, kayaking, and boat trips

Better day pack for hiking, kayaking, and boat trips

So dry you can swim with it

Everyone who visits Costa Rica needs a good pair of sandals. Hands down, the best flip flops on the market are Scotts. They never break, and they are thick enough to comfortably walk on any terrain. If everyone wore these shoes we would have less broken flip flips in the trash and washing up on our beaches!