Magazine Contributors 

Our team of contributors are creatives with a passion for the outdoors and an addiction to the wildness of the Osa

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Elizabeth Bean


Editor in Chief

Elizabeth is a designer, photographer, and writer who is addicted to exploring the Osa. After three years of managing a hotel on the peninsula she realized that there is a fascinating history and stories that tourists were missing out on because they couldn't communicate well with the locals. This unique portion of Costa Rica has a clandestine background in gold mining, poaching, land thievery, and smuggling that has been transformed and is still being transformed by ecotourism. Her mission for Jungla Magazine is to connect humans with nature without leaving the local community behind in the wake of tourism in the last frontier of Costa Rica.

Nicole Johnson




Nicole is a yoga instructor, photographer, writer and advocate of perpetual curiosity from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Businesswoman turned perceptive creator, she left the corporate grind to pursue her dreams of remote work in faraway lands, bringing her to the Osa. Captured by the untouched beauty of Corcovado, she quickly started producing images for Jungla that capture the beauty of the landscape and its wild inhabitants.

Casey Cooper


Casey’s love for crawly creatures and waterways stemmed from birth, which is why the Osa Peninsula pulled him in. This environmental and conservation enthusiast spends 5 months a year as a fly fishing guide in Alaska and the remaining 7 months as a travel photographer and nature junkie with a sixth sense for arial angles. The work exhibited by Casey in Jungla demonstrates his ability to connect humans with nature in a photograph and inspire us to leap into the adventure that awaits in this coastal jungle paradise.

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Claudia Castro Sandí




Claudia is a traveling Tica, photographer, diver and nature lover, who grew up in a mountainous town in the southern area of ​​Costa Rica. She studied Social Work at the University of Costa Rica where she has also worked 10 years in the field of social action projects in the university community. This has led her to explore rural villages of the country and get to know their history, culture and nature. Her fascination with travel led her to study photography at the National Technical University of Costa Rica to better capture the landscapes of Costa Rica that she loves so much, Her trips are mostly to wild places, in search of animals in their habitat to promote conservation with images. Her drive to dive and love for adventure tourism always brings her back to the south of Costa Rica. 

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Josue Bars




Josué Barrantes Rojas, better known as “Josuebars” is a 20 year old Costa Rican photographer from the beautiful town of Copa Buena de Coto Brus. His photography is inspired by the southern zone of Costa Rica, full of waterfalls, mountains, rivers, and green forest. He started experimenting with photography about 4 years ago with an iPhone 4. After seeing the beautiful images he could create, he bought a camera and set out to share the images of his beautiful home with the world.  

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