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Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica


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Photos by Jungla Magazine © 2017 All Rights Reserved

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The first printed copies will be released November 15th 


Issue #1 coming soon!

Jungla Magazine tells the stories of the human and animal inhabitants of the Osa Peninsula. The magazine also serves as a travel guide, providing visitors with useful information on what to do on the Osa and how to have the most authentic experience.


Feature Story 

The feature story of Issue #1 showcases the incredible photographs of french photographer, Tico Haroutiounian. His work captures artistic images of wild felines on the Osa Peninsula in the glory of their natural environment with the use of his motion censored outdoor "studios." 

You can read more about Tico's work in the first issue of JUNGLA Magazine.

Costa Rica has banned the renewal of shrimp trawling licenses. However, this important environmental decision could be in danger.

Scraping the Bottom

Drake Bay isn't exactly known for good surf breaks. It turns out there's a hidden jem off the beaten track.

The Hidden Break

Protect yourself from mosquitoes without the harmful chemicals of insect repellent.

No more DEET